Can You Cure Angular Cheilitis with Neosporin

Angular Cheilitis Neosporin It comes as no surprise that many people try to treat angular cheilitis with Neosporin, because after all Neosporin does help heal many skin issues including minor injuries, scratches, and burns. But can Neosporin help with treating angular cheilitis Learn how to treat angular cheilitis.?

Unfortunately, like the Neosporin directions say, it is only used to treat minor scratches, cuts, scrapes, and burns. Angular cheilitis may appear to be a wound that Neosporin can treat, but it is actually a bacterial/fungal based infection which is not affected by Neosporin.

There is, however, one advantage to using Neosporin for angular cheilitis. If your angular cheilitis becomes sever enough to create large cracks, the Neosporin can help to prevent any angular cheilitis scars Learn more about angular cheilitis scars. from developing.
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