Angular Cheilitis Pictures

Please use the pictures below to see what angular cheilitis look like on different skin types, age groups, and gender. The pictures are arranged by age from young to old.

Pictures of Children with Angular Cheilitis

Below are pictures of angular cheilitis in children Learn more about angular cheilitis in children.. You can see the irritation on both corners of their mouth. Frequent drooling in children makes it easier for angular cheilitis to develop. Pictures of Children with Angular Cheilitis

Pictures of Adults with Angular Cheilitis

Below are photos of adults with angular cheilitis. Adults get angular cheilitis less frequently then children and the elderly. Most of the time adults will suffer from angular cheilitis when they have a weakened immune system, have had recent mouth injuries, are under stress, or any combination of these things.

Pictures of adults with angular cheilitis

Pictures of Mature Adults with Angular Cheilitis

Below are pictures of older individuals with angular cheilitis. Angular cheilitis is probably most frequent in elderly individuals because generally their immune system isn't as strong as younger adults. It is even more common in mature adults if they lack proper nutrition, have had dental work which causes them to drool (dentures, missing teeth, etc.), or if they are under stress. Pictures of older people with angular cheilitis
Angular Cheilitis Treatment Angular Cheilitis Treatment Learn how to treat angular cheilitis, including home remedies, over the counter treatments, and more.
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