Recommended Links/Resources

Below is a list of sites we feel contribute to the skin/oral health community that we think should be mentioned and recommended. If you feel that a site should be added to this list, please contact us.

Soul Awaken - As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Theta Healer Sandycan show you how you too can live a life full of peace, self-love, confidence, fulfillment, and happiness. Find the Answer to Conquering Years of Suffering and Angst. How to Identify the Roadblock that's Keeping You Stuck in Sadness, Frustration and Misery. Discover the Key to Loving Yourself, Finding Peace, and Releasing Pains from Your Life.

About Chinese Medicine - Offers a brief introduction on traditional Chinese medicine and its philosophy like face reading, yin yang and feng shui. It also explains the benefits and usages of herbal medicine, Chinese food cures, acupuncture, tea, home remedies, and massage (tui na) as the alternative medicine.

CaringCounselor - Pat Gurnick, CaringCounselor, provides education, support, quantum healing psychotherapy and spiritual counseling to those seeking assistance on their journey towards Health in Body, Mind, and Spirit

Cure Your Alopecia Hair Loss - Hits Dhanaks Cutting Edge new E-book is his personal story and practical guide on how he cured his alopecia! The e-book contains high quality pictures and a whole new approach to curing the condition. Also comes with a free chakra guide and practical steps to show you how you can prevent hair loss and strengthen the roots.

2 Health & Wellness - A unique collection of alternative health and wellness news, information, products and services.

Common Skin Problems - DermWeb's list of common skin issues, problems, and other dermatology resources.

Beauty Secrets - Beauty Secrets and Natural Beauty Tips for anti aging, skin care, hair care etc. Advice on the aging process and How to be Gorgeous at any age.

Chattanooag Chiropractor - Natural wellness, massasge, and chiropractic in Chattanooga, Tennessee.